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Hot Topics: Product innovations at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 - Issue 1

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Transmitting bandages
Rescue personnel must always be fully equipped in order to provide the best possible assistance in an emergency. Inventories of consumable items and medical devices in emergency vehicles and backpacks are therefore regularly verified in a time-consuming manual process. With its WAS Smart Check exhibited at INTERSCHUTZ 2015, Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und Sonderfahrzeug wants to significantly accelerate this routine task. WAS Smart Check checks for the presence of various necessary items, not tediously by hand, but by radio. The new system can verify an emergency backpack in about two minutes, without even needing to open it.

The trick for super-fast checks: equipping consumables such as bandages and medical devices with RFID chips that communicate with a handheld device. This easy-to-use device can quickly determine whether the equipment is complete. Other key parameters, such as consumables with expired use-by dates or maintenance intervals for devices, as well as the correct vehicle assignments for medical devices, are also transmitted. The system functions both online and offline. It syncs and records data so that field staff and fleet management are regularly informed of the current status.

Wietmarscher Ambulanz und Sonderfahrzeug
Lingener Strasse 1
49835 Wietmarschen, Germany
Tel.: +49 5925 991 100
Fax: +49 5925 991 602

Contact at INTERSCHUTZ 2015:
Simone Bergmann
Hall 26, Stand E12
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NINA alerts to catastrophes
Monday, 8 June is a special day for NINA, which will be presented to the public for the very first time by German Interior Minister Dr. Thomas de Maizière at the stand of the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) at INTERSCHUTZ 2015. NINA is an app, with a name that comes from the German for emergency information and news (Notfall-, Informations- und Nachrichten-App). It is designed to warn the population of hazards, emergencies, accidents and catastrophes via modern channels. The BBK used a contest to ask the public to help name this emergency warning app. An administrator from Saarland had the best idea for a name that is easy to remember and call up in an emergency. So it is NINA that will soon warn us of impending dangers on our smartphones or tablets.

German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK)
Provinzialstrasse 93 53127
Bonn, Germany
Tel.: +49 228 5554-1160
Fax: +49 228 5554 1620

Contact at INTERSCHUTZ 2015:
Marianne Suntrup
Hall 25, Stand C14
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Masterful rescue from dizzying heights
Whether working on a wind turbine, cleaning skyscraper facades or operating a crane, people who experience emergencies while performing high-altitude activities must generally rely on a very special team for help – high-angle rescuers. Every member of this special unit for rescues at dizzying heights is certainly a hero. But the true Masters in the art will be identified on Saturday, 13 June at INTERSCHUTZ 2015, in the German high-angle rescue championship.

Some 100 professional rope rescuers from different fire departments and rescue organizations are competing for the title. The six-person teams must succeed at four stations, but the precise tasks required are being kept under strict secrecy until the day of the competition. The evaluation is based on time and number of errors, which cause time penalties that impact the overall result.

City of Hannover
Hannover Fire Department
Feuerwehrstrasse 1
30169 Hannover, Germany
Tel.: +49 511 912-1535
Fax: +49 511 912-1500

Contact at INTERSCHUTZ 2015:
Tobias Slabon
Outdoor grounds, demonstration grounds
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Mob: +49 171 1056 662

Smart shirt warns of too much stress
A shirt that can support professional rescuers in training and in the field is being presented by ambiotex at INTERSCHUTZ 2015. The Fitness Shirt measures vital signs such as pulse rate, breathing, heart rate variability (HRV), calorie consumption and physical activity in real time.

The close-fitting shirt can be worn under normal clothing like a conventional T-shirt. Integrated sensors measure heart activity in the form of a precise EKG, as well as frequency and depth of breathing. A removable “TechUnit” in the chest area sends the data via Bluetooth to the ambiotex app on a smartphone. Its user-friendly presentation means this data can be immediately evaluated to provide a good overview of the fitness level of the user. The app also gives a warning when the user reaches a stress level that is too high. A particular highlight that can also be useful to rescuers in the field is the integrated fall recognition and alarm function with automated assistance alert. If users find themselves in an emergency situation, they can send an alarm by simply pushing a button, and their geolocation data is immediately transmitted to the control center, for example.

Lauterenstrasse 37
55116 Mainz, Germany
Tel.: +49 6131 3272280
Fax: +49 6131 6174968

Contact at INTERSCHUTZ 2015:
Anastasia Brandt
Hall 24, Stand F31, (3), Young Innovative Companies joint stand
Mobile: +49 172 400 8017

A slim boot and a good show
This is a short and sweet summary of the highlights of HAIX at INTERSCHUTZ 2015. Certainly the most important exhibit at the stand is the FIRE EAGLE. This slim, athletic field boot is premiering here and is intended to represent a whole new generation of footwear for emergency rescue.

At less than 1000 grams per boot, according to the manufacturer the FIRE EAGLE is incomparably lighter and more athletic than any previously existing professional footwear. It meets all standards and requirements for use in extreme situations. This firefighter's boot is visually arresting, with its two-toned protective cover and bright yellow contours. The two-toned design is repeated in the soles with a single aim: maximum safety for the firefighter in the field. Bright yellow, anti-slip rib technology in the soles is the “light in the darkness” for the person in the rear when crawling in to a rescue situation. Safety in the toe area is ensured with an ultra-lightweight, highly effective protective cover of compound material.

In addition to the new boot, another special experience awaits visitors at the stand: Ewald Haimerl, HAIX CEO, wrote the song “Never Walk Alone” for INTERSCHUTZ 2015. Tracey Williams is heating up the crowds by performing it live every day of the fair at 11 AM and 3 PM.

HAIX- Schuhe - Produktion und Vertrieb
Auhofstrasse 10
84048 Mainburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 8751 8625 0
Fax: +49 8751 8625 25

Contact at INTERSCHUTZ 2015:
Susanne Hauke
Hall 12, Stand E68
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Don't panic
What is likely to happen if the entire exhibition center suddenly had to be evacuated? How would we prevent mass panic in case of an emergency? Visitors to INTERSCHUTZ 2015 can find answers to these and similar questions at the stand of accu:rate, an institute that works with crowd simulations.

Simulating flows of people already helps in planning large events or construction projects, to identify and prevent possible bottlenecks and risks. Detailed graphics and film animations provide support right where even experienced safety experts reach their limits. While every individual parameter and bottleneck can be easily calculated and thought through in isolation, their complex interactions are only apparent in simulation. accu:rate calculates both the usual situation, such as visitor flows during a concert intermission, and exceptional circumstances such as fire alarm evacuation, and presents them with clear visuals – from the pathways of individual people to the large group flow. The results can be used by event planners, construction developers, etc., for timely safety planning.

Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation
Arcisstrasse 21
80333 Munich,
Tel.: +49 89 21553869

Contact at INTERSCHUTZ 2015:
Dr. Angelika Kneidl
Hall 24, Stand D26
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Civil safety research
This is the title of a German government framework program. The German Education and Research Ministry is showing precisely what it involves with five sample research projects at INTERSCHUTZ 2015.

One project on exhibit is GEFREASE for “safe on-site identification of hazardous biological materials,” which includes a new, portable on-site detection system for biological hazards. The MAusKat project (“measuring system to detect the spread of hazardous materials in complex building structures”) demonstrates an innovative system for early indication of usable evacuation pathways in case of a fire. A software system that enables field staff to more systematically carry out and debrief training exercises is the focus of the RescueLab project (“IT-supported training environments for civil protection and emergency personnel”). How emergency intervention in rural areas can be improved using rescue helicopters is demonstrated by the PrimAIR project (“concept for primary air rescue in areas with limited infrastructure”). And the SKRIBTPLUS project examines the protection of critical bridges and tunnels. German Education and Research Ministry (BMBF) Heinemannstrasse 2 und 6 53175 Bonn, Germany Tel.: +49 228 9957-0 Fax: +49 228 9957-83601

Contact at INTERSCHUTZ 2015:
Dr. Andreas Hoffknecht
Hall 12, Stand E09
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Protective tents in a snap
Anyone who has ever put up a tent knows how tricky it can be to erect this kind of shelter. There is no time for such concerns during an emergency intervention – and now no need for them either. Now rescue personnel can simply turn to the rapid-deployment inflatable Humanity Tent that GYBE is presenting at INTERSCHUTZ 2015. It goes up quickly and easily with inflatable frames.

A specially designed pump system that makes it possible for a single person to set up the tent in just two minutes. It has a low weight and compact storage size. A 4 x 4 meter tent can be carried by one person into the field in its accompanying transport bag. In a very short time, Humanity Tents can create a protective area for injured victims, shelter for rescue personnel or storage for emergency supplies. One special feature is the integrated ONE PUMP SYSTEM that can fill the tent with air using external pumping systems (compressed air cylinders, compressors). The air is distributed to the three air chambers from a central entry valve using hoses. Unlike other inflatable tents, the Humanity Tent does not need a permanent fan.

GYBE Design Team Germany
Rheinstrasse 39 26382
Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Tel.: +49 4421 9878895
Fax: +494421 9878897

Contact at INTERSCHUTZ 2015:
Sven Mohr
Hall 25, Stand C23
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